Amazon Fresh Water – Iquitos - 4 Days

Yanayacu River

We are in the Yanayacu River, 140 kilometers (83 miles) to the southeast and upstream of Iquitos, capital of Loreto, in the buffer zone of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and inside the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve. Being located in a small tributary of the Amazon with only one entrance, there is no presence of fishing boats, or loggers, or many travelers. The place is intimate and solitary, surrounded only by nature.

Yanayacu (Quechua word) means black water due to the minerals that are crawling kilometers from the mountains of the sierra; This is why there are several rivers with the same name. The ten lagoons that are around the Muyuna also have black water, making it easy for bird watching and fishing excursions, since these minerals are the food base of the ecological chain.

Navigating the Amazon River

We navigate the Amazon River. We use 115, 150 and 200 hp engines, and the trip takes about 3 hours, depending on the level of the river. Our boats are equipped with a first aid kit and life jackets. From Iquitos, we sail upriver, towards an area of a primary and unexplored forest; compared to the colonized jungle that lies downstream from Iquitos. Thanks to this strategic location, in Muyuna we guarantee the observation of pink dolphins, birds, monkeys, sloths, fish, etc. in their natural habitat.

Are you ready to explore the Amazon rainforest? In this package you will experience the experience of being part of the jungle. “Fresh Water” offers you the opportunity to visit Muyuna in a few days and at the same time stay with the satisfaction of having known the spirit of the jungle. This package has the activities of the previous package plus activities such as canoeing day and night to discover the mysteries of the jungle. Living with the town of San Juan de Yanayacu, an isolated community of the modern world and more excursions in the surroundings in search of exotic animals.

Day 1
Airport - Muyuna Lodge

Land transfer from hotel or airport.

9:30 am we left by river towards the lodge. Lunch.

Walk behind the Muyuna, to see the immense variety of flora.

Observation of the Pygmy Marmoset, the smallest monkey in the world.

Sunset in lagoon.

Dinner. Night excursion by boat to see alligators, nocturnal birds and mammals.

Day 2
Muyuna Lodge - Boat Journey - Lake Exploration

Breakfast, Boat trip to Sapote lagoon looking at birds; then to Moena Lagoon

where you will see sloths and monkeys.


Piranha fishing in the Corriente and Purura Lagoons (Optional).

Observation of the hoatzin or shansho, prehistoric bird.


Night walk in search of huge tarantulas and frogs.

Day 3
Muyuna Lodge - Trails - Lake Exploration


Walk to the Amazon River to swim where the pink and gray dolphins live.

Observation of the Victoria Regia, the largest aquatic plant in the world.

Observation of iguanas.


Canoe excursion through Caño to look for the aullador monkey.

Visit to the town of San Juan de Yanayacu.


Canoe excursion, to listen to the jungle at night.

Day 4
Muyuna Lodge - Iquitos City


Boat excursion to Laguna Casha, lagoon of difficult access. Here you will walk

or paddle depending on the level of the river, looking at different species of birds

and monkeys.


Transfer to Iquitos.

Land transfer to hotel or airport.


  • Local bilingual naturalist guides
  • 3 nights at Muyuna Lodge
  • Privately owned transport over land and water.
  • Airport arrival and departure transfers.
  • Purified Water
  • All fully guided rainforest and river excursions
  • Entrance fee to the atracctions
  • Food (Vegetarian Upon request)
  • Complementary coffee and tea with every meal.


  • Binoculars
  • Domestic Flights
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Single Supplement

Faqs -Iquitos

What Time the tours start?

The boat sails from Iquitos every day of the year at 9:30 a.m. In addition to another extra outing for travelers arriving from the Cusco flight at 10:40 am

What time the tours ends ?

On the last day of your stay, we left the Muyuna Lodge, after lunch, arriving in Iquitos around 4:00 p.m.
If you have flights that do not match this schedule, we can adapt. We must add S / 500 or S / 750 (for less or more than 6 people), for each section of the boat that is outside the aforementioned schedule. The total cost is paid equally among all passengers.
*For reasons of visibility we do not sail at night.

How Muyuna lodge look like?

Muyuna has been built on high wood platforms since we are in the Yanayacu River, and the water level increase depending on the season. The lodge walls and floors are made with local wood and ceilings with palm leaves by hand. Every window and ceiling in the lodge are covered and protected with mosquito nets. Solar roof fans are located in all our rooms and common areas to counteract the heat of the jungle.

The main cabin is a large dining room where we serve an ecological buffet-style food to minimize leftovers. There are three small rooms to play board games, have a beer or converse with other travelers. During the dry season (when the river level decreases) in the garden: we set a ping pong and soccer (foosball) table, and a volleyball net. Besides, water activities such as kayaking, boating, and paddle-up are free, and you can use them at any time during your stay.

Where is Muyuna Lodge located?

We are an Eco-Lodge located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. We are 140 kilometers (87 miles) upriver from Iquitos, in the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo National Reserve, and near the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. Due to our remote location, it is the main reason for which we guarantee the observation of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. For this reason, tourists from all over the world choose Muyuna.

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Amazon Fresh Water – Iquitos
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$ 580 Per Person
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Trip Facts

  • Pink Dolphin, Grey Dolphin, Pygmy Marmoset, Howler Monkeys, Victoria regias,
  • Amazon River, Pristine Rainforest
  • 200 meters in Elevation
  • Motor Boat, Catamarans
  • 2 People Minimun / Max 10 participants
  • Iquitos - Pacaya Samiria

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