we put the respect of the environment at the core of our priorities from our very young age, we have been used to making our best to protect what we consider the most important, the surrounding nature, and wildlife. We know how humans can impact such a forest as the Amazon and we aim at bringing down to 0 our ecological impact. ​Here is a list of all the measures we have implemented on our lodge.

Solar Energy.

Guadalupe Lodge is equipped with a large solar panel system. All the electricity is provided by these panels. This system provides the hotel with all of its energy needs with free 24/24 maximum comfort. All waters are also warmed up with photovoltaic panels.

Local Products

All the great food you will have in Guadalupe Lodge comes from local markets. This is a way you maintain the employment of the local communities and the occasion to get fresh delightful tastes in the plates. With local ingredients, our chef will cook amazing local and international meals!

Minimun Plastic

During the tours, we sometimes have to pack some lunch. We are using a solid plastic box to avoid single-use plastic. The waste system management is quite bad in Peru. Therefore, we filter water directly on the spot not to see plastic bottles all over the jungle.

Eco Sewage System

Instead of throwing the sewage directly in the river which is quite common in the area. We have settled a filter that purifies water of all bacterias before it returns to the soil. This, not to endanger the life of all the river fauna and flora.

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